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Impeder Rod

Impeder Rod
Impeder Rod
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Product Code : 112
Brand Name : TMA
Product Description

Product Specifications: 

Ferrite impeder cores are used for concentration of magnetic flux in high
frequency, RF, induction welding of steel tubes and pipes. In this application
ferrite core experiences temperature upto 150 °C and the core properties
must be optimized for this environment. Properties which influences the
efficiency and the speed of the process are :

i A high permeability (p) material to ensure high degree of magnetic flux

ii A high Saturation flux density Bs, at the working temperature, which
  determines, the maximum field in which the ferrite core can usually

iii A high curie temperature at which the material ceased to concentrate
   magnetic flux, due to loss of ferrimagnetic properties.

For these applications, special ferrite materials are offered - They are
having following excellent physical properties.

(a) High Curie temperature and a low temperature dependence of the
     initial permeability and of magnetic flux density in the working
     temperature range.

(b) A high saturation flux density in the working temperature range upto
     150 °C.

(c) Low losses with increase of temperature.

(d) A relative high amplitude permeability.

(e) A high stability of the initial permeability vs. frequency upto 1 MHz.

Following four types of Impeder Core are produced and supplied :

1. Solid Plain Core - P

2. Solid Fluted Core - F

3. Hollow Plain Core - PH

4. Hollow Fluted Core - FH

The overall straightness of Impeder Core is excellent and is controlled by passing it through a 200 mm long gauge with an inner diameter equal to, nominal outer diameter of the Core plus 1.0 mm.

All types of Impeder Core are supplied in a nominal length, equal to 200 + 5mm.